19th Century Chick Lit

Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice

“I had not known you a month before I felt that you were the last man in the world whom I could ever be prevailed upon to marry.”


Think you have dating problems? Chick lit from the 19 th century is full of ‘em too. We gals just can’t seem to catch a break!

  • All the most interesting men are either too poor and beneath you, too rich and above you, or rakes you’re not allowed to go near.
  • You’re dying to waltz with the mysterious stranger in black, but the pretentious and bratty belles of the ball won’t let him out of their sight.
  • You’ve just turned 25, and the “spinster” cracks are getting a little out of hand.
  • Your father has been ruined, and the pressure is on to charm a rich bachelor since your older sisters were so selfish as to marry for love.
  • You were hitting it off with this chap until he said, “Women voting? That’s ludicrous beyond belief!”
  • You hear the approaching horse hooves of your suitor’s carriage, but you can’t find your favorite corset.
  • At first you found his chivalry charming, but if he draws his pistol to “defend your honor” one more time, you’re going shoot yourself.
  • You’ve analyzed his last letter to you 100 times for signs of his true character, but only see evidence of good penmanship.
  • You accidentally flashed a bit of knee in the carriage with your sweetheart, and now your family’s reputation is on the line.
  • Just when you and your beau are starting to connect, he decides to leave for India to make his fortune